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Vigord offers a full range of Web development packages to fit any of your needs. Whether you are only interested in starting your Internet presence or you want to establish a full fledged e-commerce site with all the bells and whistles, Vigord can help. Vigord has worked with customers of any size to help them achieve their Internet goals. Our top-notch development team will help you get where you need to be with your online presence.

We do HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, CGI, form processing, Java, Applets, Servlets, JSP and backend database integration utilizing MySQL and Oracle. We can also develop graphical elements of your site from logos, icons and corporate insignia to complete graphical Web identity from scratch or from your existing material.

Because we are a small company, we will have a quick turn around on your projects and can have your site finished from beginning to end very quickly. Depending on the size of your web site this time will generally be from a few hours to a few weeks. Also, because of our size we have a low overhead and our rates are so low.

In order for Vigord staff to start the process of developing your Web site please provide below some information about yourself or your business and our representative will contact you shortly to discuss details with no obligation on your part.

Please make sure to fill out all the required fields.


Customer Information

Please provide valid e-mail address where we can contact you regarding service requirements and where we can send you all details about Vigord Internet services.
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Services of Interest

Please select Vigord Web site development package you are interested in. Please note that these packages are provided for orientation purposes only. The final volume of the services will be determined after all the information and requirements are gathered and with the full agreement with the customer.
Basic Web site development with up to 5 pages, 2 images per page, 200 words per page or less.
Small Web site development with up to 10 pages, 2 images per page, 500 words per page or less.
Medium Web site development with up to 15 pages, 3 images per page, 500 words per page or less.
Large Web site development with e-commerce, 20 pages or more, 5 images per page, 500 words per page or less.


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